Coco Flor 50l.

Coco Flor is a plant substrate that has many advantages for growers and crops. It is made from 100% coconut peat and specially prepared for fast growing plants.

It is an organic culture medium, without chemical additives and with a very homogeneous structure and free of pests, parasites and diseases. After several crops it remains a suitable means to reactivate with other soils or lands.

It is a very airy and porous medium that facilitates the ideal environment for the comfortable development of the crop.

It is increasingly popular among growers who decide to grow under ecological techniques.


100% Coconut peat screened and double washed


Substrate benefits:

It is a useful substrate for indoor and outdoor crops. It is suitable for germination, pot cultivation, soil cultivation and cutting.

It is also used to reactivate other substrates after a culture to improve the structure, aeration and absorption of nutrients.

Measurement parameters at the time of packaging:

pH = 5.80-6.80

EC (at the time of packaging) = 0.25-0.75 mS / cm

Volume at the time of packaging = 50 liters (according to standard EN 12.580)

It is a product that has no added nutrients in its manufacture, but that by the very nature of the raw material has a high level of Phosphorus (P) beneficial for crops.

Use tips:

Direct cultivation is advised in it, it is not necessary to mix it with other mobs or earth.

It is advisable to add hydroponic nutrients to achieve optimal results in each crop phase.

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

It is advisable to space the irrigation to prevent excess moisture and high temperature from damaging the roots.

As it is a very spongy and oxygenated substrate after the first irrigations, it is advisable to refill the pot to the desired level since it is possible that the weight of the irrigation water has compressed the medium.

Suitable for medicinal cultivation.

50 liter container 50 liter container
Indoor-outdoor cultivation Indoor-outdoor cultivation
Fertilization required Fertilization required
Common irrigation Common irrigation
Rooting Subscriber Rooting Subscriber
Hydroponic culture Hydroponic culture
Automatic watering Automatic watering