Bloom Mix 50l.

Bloom mix is ​​a fertilizer mix substrate designed to create an active environment and obtain optimal results in all phases of the crop. It contains all the necessary nutrients for a healthy crop indoors or outdoors. It is especially suitable for fast growing plants where you want to obtain an abundant flowering phase.

Premium quality sphagnum peat mix (blonde and black)
Perlita  Peat
Nutrients NPK 12-7-18 (2gr / liter)
Microelements: Mg, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, B and Molybdenum
Flowering enhancer “ Bloom High K ”(2gr / liter)

Bloom mix includes fourth generation nutrients that provide THT technology thanks to which the wealth is released based on Temperature, Humidity and Time. This implies that the nutrients are released gradually and in an orderly manner according to the needs in each phase of the plant, overlapping to maintain the stable and uniform contribution for a correct development of the crop without deficiencies.

Orderly release of nutrients:

Bloom mix guarantees the nutritional contributions of the plant throughout the crop.

Flowering enhancer:
The nutrient contribution of this substrate is completed with a flowering enhancer formulated “Bloom High K” of rapid assimilation whose release is made in the final phase of the crop when the ripening metabolism of the fruit is activated and requires it to obtain an abundant harvest .

Substrate performance:
It is a useful substrate for indoor and outdoor crops. It is suitable for germination, pot cultivation, soil cultivation and cutting.
Measurement parameters at the time of packaging:
pH = 6.0-7.0

Indoor-outdoor cultivation Indoor-outdoor cultivation
Subscription for flowering Subscription for flowering
Subscriber for growth Subscriber for growth
Substrate Subscribed Substrate Subscribed
50 liter container 50 liter container
Common irrigation Common irrigation
Automatic watering Automatic watering
Rooting Subscriber Rooting Subscriber